Why Sell Your Real Estate at Auction?

  • Buyers Come Pre-approved - There is no need to wait on a bank approval. All buyers must be pre-approved prior to auction.
  • No Negotiations, No Contingencies - This method takes the seller out of the negotiation process. Also, all inspections must be done prior to auction day, so there is no risk for buyers to discontinue the contract due to inspection issues.
  • Competitive Bidding - Buyers are compelled to make a quick decision. They know that the property is going to sell that day.
  • Quick Disposal - This method reduces Long Term Costs such as property taxes, insurance, and utilities that can cost a homeowner as their property remains on the market unsold.
  • Auctions Work Well in All Economic Conditions.

Sell at Auction

We are a full service auction company, selling Real Estate and personal property. We practice and promote professional auctioneering methods providing quality customer service. We provide service custom tailored to fit your marketing needs. We can devise a plan to effectively and efficiently liquidate your merchandise and get the maximum return. We know auctions attract smart cash buyers, putting them in competition with each other, and demanding their immediate buying decision. No other sales method works as well. From the inception to completion, the success of your auction event is our goal.

We at Collins Auctions strive to attain the highest possible return on assets to our clients in the highest ethical fashion. We will work to maintain integrity in the processes within the scope of each and every contract in all of our business practices. We will provide responsive, courteous service to our clients and the buying public.
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Call us for all of your Auction needs, including: Real Estate, Antiques,Collectibles, Estates, Specialty, Household, Farms, and Liquidation Auctions. We will provide you with a better understanding of the auction method of dispersing your personal property.

To find out more about selling your property at auction, call me at 740-591-5837.

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